Top 10 Best Jobs For People Who Have No Special Skills In Canada

By | May 7, 2022

Life in Canada can be difficult, especially if you don’t have any skills and don’t speak English. However, it doesn’t mean that it will not be possible to work in Canada and pay the bills. So, if you are looking for the best jobs with no special skills in Canada, take a look at this list of 10 best menial jobs that are available in Canada right now! Most of these jobs are very simple and have almost no requirements or job experience required; therefore anyone can do them!

1) Cleaner

Cleaning services provide opportunities for foreigners with no special skills to get started in Canada. Cleaners typically do not require English language or citizenship skills. These are some of Canada’s most popular clean jobs. Note that there are better paying opportunities, but you will have to invest time and money into obtaining specific certificates and training before you can get these high-paying jobs. Check out vocational schools to learn how to become a janitor, cleaner, and other service positions.


2) Lawn Caretaker

As a lawn caretaker, you could have fun and make decent money at once. Though it requires great time and energy to mow grass, but your salary will be enough to cover your expenditures. And if you start with lawn care business then soon enough you will be rich in cash! Lawn caretakers are also hired by private homeowners or apartment complexes to mow their lawns, remove snow, trim plants, or provide pest control services. No special skills required for these jobs. Besides all these qualities one should be physically fit to do these jobs because it needs lot of physical strength as well as endurance. You can apply for jobs as a laborer either locally or internationally by following some simple steps mentioned below


3) Cook

One of top menial jobs in Canada that is simple to get into and pays well is cooking. Many hotels, restaurants, resorts, and even cruise lines require cooking staff. These positions tend to pay pretty well for those with no special skills or experience required (though most experienced cooks can earn a better salary). Menial jobs like these are easily obtainable without any real experience or formal training but will help you build some decent Canadian work history.


4) Maid

While it might not be considered a glamorous job, many new immigrants take up employment as a live-in or live-out maid. There are many families and individuals who seek out domestic help, making housekeeping a very viable profession for foreigners. Make sure you check with your local laws before starting work as a maid – there may be restrictions on how long you can stay in one place before moving on to another.


5) Cook/Caterer

Working as a cook or caterer can be another way to make money. A cook needs little formal training and can find work in settings like hospitals, schools, resorts, and other places that serve food. A caterer or chef needs specialized training. Cooks often need to be able to adapt recipes for special diets, so workers in these fields should have at least a high school diploma. Caterers need experience working with food and equipment in restaurants. There are some schools that offer culinary arts training but it usually requires apprenticeship with an experienced worker. Many cooks and caterers work part-time as they also need to complete their full-time jobs or education requirements.


6) Construction worker

Skilled labor jobs are a great place to start if you’re moving to Canada and have no job experience. The construction industry relies on unskilled workers, so it’s a perfect option for people who want to get their foot in the door with Canadian companies but don’t have any credentials or experience. The pay isn’t stellar—but that means you can save up and learn skills to move on to better-paying work down the road.


7) Janitor

There are a few more jobs out there that not only pay your bills but also give you immense satisfaction. Here are a few of them. One such job is that of a Janitor. If you’re good at cleaning and want to become something, here’s your chance. You can find janitorial services companies in all major cities in Canada. The pay is okay and it’s quite easy to land one of these jobs if you really want to work as a janitor. While it might not sound so glamorous, there are actually some things about being a janitor for which you should be grateful. First off, these people have regular hours and get paid handsomely for doing what they love most – cleaning!


8) Freelance writer/editor

Working as a freelance writer or editor is one of those jobs that requires no special skills, just a computer and (ideally) decent writing/editing skills. There are plenty of these jobs in major cities around Canada, especially Toronto and Vancouver.


9) Graphic Designer Assistant

If you have some training in design, there are jobs for designers who can’t (or don’t want to) do everything themselves. Graphic designers frequently hire assistants to help with a variety of projects, from designing logos and other branding elements to creating marketing materials. Freelance positions in graphic design aren’t exactly easy to come by, but if you can get your foot in the door of a creative agency or studio working as an assistant is a great way to learn what goes into making an ad campaign or building a brand identity. This option also allows you to flex your skills doing hands-on work rather than sitting behind a computer screen all day long.


10) Security Guard

Despite being stereotyped as a low-paying job for high school kids, security guards are paid well in Toronto—about $20 per hour on average. If you’re interested in earning some extra cash (and don’t mind pulling an all-nighter), consider becoming a security guard. The position requires zero special skills and offers ample opportunities to attend different training sessions and events that can improve your resume.

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