The Best American Universities with Scholarship Offers for International Students

By | May 7, 2022

A university education in the United States has long been considered one of the best in the world and has even been called the gold standard in higher education by some, but the cost of going to college can be tough on students and their families. Luckily, there are several great American universities that offer full scholarships to international students who meet their application requirements, allowing them to earn an American education without having to worry about how they’ll pay for it. But where should you look? Here are some top American universities with scholarship offers for international students, including both paid and free scholarships available at each institution.


University of California Berkeley

UC Berkeley has a long and distinguished history. The University of California (in California) was founded in 1868, and classes began just two years later. The school is well known as a hub of intellectual activity and research, attracting top minds from around the world to study here. UC Berkeley is also very well known for its scholarship program and support of international students—free financial aid is available to all undergraduates with full-time status regardless of citizenship or immigration status. With so many opportunities available to you, it’s easy to see why people are attracted to UC Berkeley.

In fact, nearly 70% of students at UC Berkeley receive some form of financial aid from either government programs or private scholarships – that’s quite an impressive number! As you can imagine, there are hundreds of organizations on campus dedicated to helping out fellow scholars and making sure they get everything they need for their education.


Rice University

There are four kinds of undergraduate scholarships available to international students at Rice University. Two are for best-in-class students and two are based on financial need. The top scholarship is valued at $32,000 per year and covers tuition and housing. In addition, awardees receive an annual stipend of $5,000 to support personal expenses during their first three years of study. If you’re from a middle-income country that doesn’t have a formal agreement with Rice (more than 60 countries fall into that category), you may also be eligible for funding from Rice’s National Student Exchange program or regional alliances like OneWorld.


Georgetown University

The Ronald Reagan Building, Washington D.C. is home to Georgetown University’s main campus where all undergraduates take their classes and where Master’s and PhD students attend class as well. It’s also located in close proximity to many of Washington D.C. best landmarks including a short walk from The White House and National Mall, a 10-minute drive from Capitol Hill and even closer from The Smithsonian museums!


UC Santa Barbara

With more than 34,000 students, University of California Santa Barbara is one of top American universities that offers scholarship and grants to international students. UCSB has a budget of $1.07 billion and offers many academic opportunities to undergraduate, graduate and continuing education students in all fields. There are more than 100 undergraduate degree programs in engineering, business administration, social sciences, marine biology and other areas available at UCSB. UC Santa Barbara also provides funding through more than 200 endowed chairs and professorships, as well as scholarships totaling around $20 million.


University of Southern California

The University of Southern California, located in Los Angeles, California, is a private research university founded in 1880. The University of Southern California offers international students several scholarships and financial aid opportunities. The University of Southern California Undergraduate Scholarships (renamed USC Signature Initiatives Scholarships) are non-need based grants which do not require you to have an F-1 visa status in order to be eligible. The University of Southern Columbia also offers paid internships and service learning programs that are open to undergraduate as well as graduate students.


UC Davis

Davis is a public research university and land-grant university in Davis, California. It is part of the University of California (UC) system. The campus occupies 19,627 acres (79 km2), with a branch campus in Merced, a center in Smithfield, and program centers in Orangevale and Woodland. UC Davis includes one of two law schools in Northern California; national lab research facilities; an agricultural extension network that reaches out to more than 100 counties; a comprehensive student support system; health facilities including an advanced medical center; robust undergraduate and graduate academic programs across 150 departments and professional schools. On June 6, 2010, Davis became a vegetarian city when its city council voted to only purchase meat from animals that are raised humanely without antibiotics or hormones.


UC San Diego

U.S. News & World Report has ranked UC San Diego among America’s top 10 public universities for 23 years in a row, and its ECE department is one of only two in California to be recognized as an Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Center of Excellence. This department offers 15 Bachelors, 17 Masters, 6 PhD degrees to international students from around the world through partnerships with some top U.S.


University of Virginia

The University of Virginia (also known as UVA, UVa, or Virginia) is a public research university in Charlottesville, Virginia. Founded by Declaration of Independence author and third US President Thomas Jefferson, UVA is famous for its historic foundations, student-run honor code, and secret societies. Its alumni include two US presidents as well as many heads of state and scientists. Today it has more than 2,100 faculty members and 32,000 students from all 50 states and more than 130 countries worldwide. The school offers competitive academic scholarships in conjunction with its 16 schools.


Stanford University

The University was established in 1885 by Leland and Jane Stanford in memory of their only child, Leland Stanford Jr., who had died of typhoid fever at age 15 two years earlier. Its academic scope includes research, graduate training, and undergraduate education. Stanford is a leading institution in awarding PhDs to international students. Some of its prominent alumni include Larry Page (Co-founder of Google), Sergey Brin (Co-founder of Google), John Hennessy (President of Stanford University), Condoleezza Rice (U.S Secretary of State), Juniper Networks, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, VMware and Sun Microsystems founders Andreas Bechtolsheim, Scott McNealy and Bill Joy respectively among many others. Tuition fees for 2018–2019 were $48,608 ($51,438 including room and board). Undergraduate tuition increased by 3.5% annually over 5 years prior to 2012–2013 when it became fixed at that level. Stanford awards financial aid on a needs-blind basis meaning that financial need is not considered when making admission decisions; rather it looks at students’ ability to pay after completing an application form which requires families to report what they expect their annual income will be during college and in the year following graduation.

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