5 Reasons You Should Migrate to Quebec Canada

By | May 7, 2022

How to migrate to Quebec, Canada? Maybe you are thinking about moving to Canada, but you can’t decide which province to settle in. Of all the provinces and territories in Canada, Quebec has long been one of the most enticing destinations for newcomers from all over the world. Here are five reasons why you should consider migrating to Quebec, Canada

Quebec’s Location

Quebec is located in eastern Canada. It borders Newfoundland and Labrador on its northeast and is bounded by Ontario on its east, Hudson Bay on its north, James Bay on its southeast and New Brunswick on its south. Other regions that Quebec shares boundaries with include a water boundary with Nunavut and Nova Scotia (south), as well as an interprovincial border with Ontario (east). Quebec has a population of 7 million people. The area of land it covers measures 543,001 square kilometers. In terms of size, Quebec is only slightly smaller than West Virginia or Belgium but larger than Alaska or Ireland.

Quebec Cities

Quebec City, Montreal and Quebec are three very different cities. Quebec City is a charming city in French. It’s in between Montreal and Quebec City that most of Western Canada is located. The 3 provinces that border it are British Columbia (BC), Alberta (AB) and Saskatchewan (SK). Of course, there’s Ontario (ON) on its east side as well as New Brunswick (NB), Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) and Nova Scotia on its northeast coast. Manitoba shares a small border with it along with Minnesota which is its southwestern neighbor. Finally, there’s Quebec’s southern borders: Maine in New England plus New York State and Vermont

Québec Province History

The early French settlers in Québec named their territory after an Algonquin Indian word meaning narrow passage or strait. The first European contact with Québec occurred when Jacques Cartier arrived there in 1535 from France and claimed it for his country. Great Britain acquired Québec from France by treaty in 1763; it was one of France’s last holdings in North America.

Why Come To Quebec?

Quebec is officially designated as a French-speaking province within Canada. This means that not only does Quebec have it’s own unique culture and history, but it also has different laws and regulations when it comes to businesses. Immigrating or Permanent Residency are two terms you may hear while looking into moving there. While they seem similar, they are actually very different things. Permanent residency refers to immigrating permanently to a country with the intention of staying for long term residence (often called living). This can be harder than you think and usually requires a certain set of circumstances like owning property in Quebec or having family ties with residents in Quebec.

Work In Quebec As An Immigrant

So you want to move to Quebec, Canada. Great idea! But it’s not as easy as just packing up and moving across the border. If you’re planning on living in Quebec permanently, there are some legal and administrative requirements that you must fulfill.

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