3 Easy Ways to Work in Canada as an Immigrant

By | May 7, 2022

How do you find jobs in Canada as an immigrant?

The answer isn’t always easy, but with these three steps, it can be simpler than you think. First, you need to make sure that your skillset has something to offer the Canadian job market and that you have the experience necessary to succeed in the positions that interest you. Second, you’ll want to understand Canada’s immigration system and find out whether you qualify for one of the many paths available to immigrants who want to work in Canada.


1) What are easy immigrant jobs?

With a list of key words and using information from the actual job description, write a summary of at least 10 easy immigrant jobs that anyone can do. Each job needs to have 3 things:1) A work in Canada title2) Key words from the job advertisement (see image example)3) The main role or responsibility for each job (e.g. For example, if one of your ‘easy immigrant jobs’ is working as a paralegal then it should say something like A legal assistant with 5 years experience will conduct research and organize files.) You should also include what kind of person is suited for these kinds of roles and how long they may take to get into (i.e. ‘The training period will last between 2-6 months depending on your previous experience’). In total you need to come up with about 10+ jobs but try not go over 15 jobs. It’s best if you create 1-2 paragraphs per job outlining what it is, who would be suited for it and how long it would take them to get into it etc.. If there are no relevant positions then please skip those sections instead.


2) How do I get them?

The easiest way is through Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs). PNPs were created by Canadian provinces and territories for skilled, experienced immigrants that wanted to live in their areas. There are dozens of PNPs across Canada, but each one requires different criteria from you: where you want to live, how much money you make, your education level and more. Contact a province or territory’s immigration department directly if you’d like more information about their programs. Here are some we like Alberta – Yes, Alberta has an online application system with detailed instructions on how to fill out every field. They also have offline forms available at local immigration offices in Edmonton and Calgary. British Columbia – No online application form exists for BC, so you’ll need to visit a local immigration office in Vancouver or Victoria with all your paperwork. Manitoba – No online application form exists for Manitoba either, so you’ll need to visit a local immigration office in Winnipeg with all your paperwork. New Brunswick – Yes, New Brunswick has an online application system that can be used on any computer with internet access—it even works on smartphones! Newfoundland & Labrador – You can apply online here!


3) Should I be nervous about working in Canada?

Sure, working in Canada can be intimidating: it’s a whole new job market. But we’re here to help make things as easy for you as possible. Check out our top tips for finding work in Canada and how best to prepare for your move! Once you’ve got your visa, get ready to look at potential jobs by putting together a resume that represents your skills and experience well. Don’t forget about LinkedIn—it’s still one of the best ways for finding work online. If all else fails, remember that some Canadian companies are willing to sponsor skilled workers already living abroad (often under only certain conditions). You might want to start there before looking elsewhere…But if not? Well, no worries—just keep reading!

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