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Who is Bobrisky? Everything you should know - Mynaijagist

Hello Mynaijagisters, welcome to today's topic, today we will be talking about Bobrisky

What Is The Real Name Of Bobrisky

Who is Bobrisky?
Bobrisky real name is Idris Okuneye but she's popular called Bobrisky.

Where Is Bobrisky From

Born in Ebute Metta, Lagos where he attended secondary school at King’s College and graduated from Lagos State University(UNILAG) where he studied accounting.

Bobrisky Mobile Number

I know you need Bobrisky’s Phone Number for fans and Gmail contact details don’t worry I’ll share them here for free.
Bobrisky cell phone number is always busy, when you call and the line is busy please kindly exercise patience and call back later.

How Old Is Bobrisky

He was born on the month of November 1992 is 29 years old

Bobrisky House

Bobrisky House
Bobrisky House

Bobrisky House Picture
Bobrisky House picture

Bobrisky House Lekki

Bobrisky in 2017 had a big party where she celebrated the new house with friends. The new house located at Chevron, Lekki is a five-bedroom duplex, she claimed that the price of all decorations and furnish is N12 million, she took to his Snapchat to show off the different sections of his house.

Bobrisky Cars

Bobrisky Mercedes Benz SUV

The cross dresser gifted her self this brand Mercedes Benz SUV to mark her 29th years birthday.

The 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class Coupe 

Comes with a 4 yr./ 50000 mi. basic warranty, a 4 yr./ 50000 mi. roadside warranty, and a 4 yr./ 50000 mi. powertrain warranty.
Mercedes Benz CLA250

Bobrisky Mercedes Benz CLA250
2019 Range Rover

Bobrisky 2019 Range Rover
Mercedes-Benz ML500

Bobrisky Mercedes-Benz ML500
Bobrisky Car
Bobrisky Car

Bobrisky Real Face

Check out his real face

Bobrisky real face
Bobrisky real face

Bobrisky real face
Bobrisky real face

Bobrisky Transgender

Bobrisky refers to himself as Nigeria's first transgender

Who is Bobrisky? Everything you should know about Bobrisky
Bobrisky Transgender

Nigerian cross-dresser and gay man, Bobrisky, has finally laid the controversy surrounding his gender, to rest.

Born Idris Okuneye has continued to remain a constant topic of discussion among many Nigerians. From putting on makeup and weaves to allegedly doing a cosmetic surgery, the effeminate leaves people wondering whether he is male or female.

Well, he has finally come out to reveal he is a transgender. Sharing a photo of himself, he wrote: "Who is Bobrisky ? She is a goddess with a soft heart, She sn*tch the men of her choices so far he has money She f*cks your man, clean mouth and also pretend not to know him in public. Politicians spends on her like never before.

"She is beautiful Nigeria first trans. She is classy. No one compete with her and win. She is @tontolet bestie. She is rich. She is an entertainer. She put smile on people face. Haters kiss my a**"

Is Bobrisky Male Or Female?

If there is one thing that confused people in the past about Bobrisky, it is the question of whether she is a male or a female? This is because the Nigerian conservative society does not allow people to come out openly as transgender.

Is Bobrisky male or female
Bobrisky Pics

However, the blame is not entirely on the shoulders of the society as Bobrisky previously went back and forth on this particular issue. As we mentioned, the internet sensation, whose real name is Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju, was born a man.

Initially, when Bobbrisky first started becoming popular following her cross-dressing antics, she was generally persecuted for it. However, even then she was still identifying a male. It is only more recently that she identified as a woman, so it is only logical to call her what she prefers to identify as a woman.

The first instance is when the celebrity went on a viral rant about fans referring to her as “bro”. She then shot back at them saying

“I’m going to post a picture and you tell me, you look good bro. Who is your bro? Please, tani bro e? Your bro is in Yaba, collecting treatment.”

That was in May 2019 and Bobrisky clearly felt irritated to be referred to as a male. Also, in November 2019, she revealed that she had undergone major surgery to add feminine parts to her body.

So, it is only natural for media sources to start assigning her the female pronoun.

Bobrisky Bleaching Cream

Bobrisky Bleaching Cream
Bobrisky Bleaching Cream

It Seems Like Bobrisky has a good selling product in the market right now. His Whitening Cream has earned him recognition from oversea countries as people are rushing to buy the available stocks off.

Bobrisky Boobs

Bobrisky caught the eyes of many at an event on November 24 when she stepped out in a sheer outfit that showed parts of his ''cleavage''

See photo below

Bobrisky Boobs

Bobrisky Picture

Bobrisky Snapchat

Bobrisky Snapchat Username

Bobrisky Snapchat Name

Bobrisky Snapchat ID

Bobrisky Snapchat Username
Bobrisky Snapchat ID

Bobrisky Pics

Bobrisky before and after pics

Bobrisky before and now

Bobrisky before and after pictures

Images of bobrisky

Bobrisky after pics

Bobrisky before pics

Bobrisky Transformation

Bobrisky Image
Pics of Bobrisky

Bobrisky Transformation
Bobrisky Transformation Picture

Bobrisky Twin Sister

Meet Oluwa Lagos, Bobrisky twin sister.
Oluwa Lagos a transgender just like Bobrisky, Oluwa Lagos called her self "Bobrisky twin sister" she base in Lagos lekki phase one, rather he base in Lagos lekki phase one.
Bobrisky twin sister
Bobrisky twin sister

Oluwa Lagos is a brand ambassador for hair by dainty and organic cosmix. She also traveled abroad for her surgery.

And we all know Bobrisky is a Nigerian internet personality who is known as a transgender woman in Nigeria, a country with no LGBT rights. She is also known for her presence on the social media app Snapchat.

Oluwa Lagos claims she's the goddess and she's more prettier than Bobrisky.
Oluwa Lagos VS Bobrisky
Oluwa Lagos VS Bobrisky

Bobrisky Parent

The King of Snapchat was involved in questions and answer session on his social media account where he reveals a lot about himself.
Bobrisky’s father was married to his mom as a third wife with the other two wives.

Bobrisky and his Dad

However, Bobrisky is the last born and the youngest in his family.
His mom gave birth to him.
Moreover, he stated that things became difficult when their parents separated in the year 2000.
During that time, he was just 8 years old.
During his stay with her mum before her mom died, he was taught by her mom how to cook and some other domestic jobs in the house.
Nevertheless, he normally behave like a woman even in school and in the house until his father noticed and caution his mom.

Bobrisky and his parents

Is Mom told his dad “that is how I am and nobody should judge me”.
Later, after he finished his secondary school at Kings College, Lagos.
He summonsed the courage to approach his mom and explains that he will love to become a girl in the future.
Her mom reply, "whosoever you wants to become, that is your own business, and i won't judge you".
According to him, he explained that her mom used to have many boyfriends during that time.

Bobrisky Net Worth

Bobrisky net worth is said to be estimated at $3.125 million dollar.

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