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So sad! The girl who people thought was pregnant at 6-years of age passes on

RIP Young Olga Blessing

Today Mynaijagist share an update of Olga Blessing, a 6-year-old girl that everyone thought was pregnant. Afrimax was the first to tell Olga's story to the world. However, todays story is completely different and the saddest of Olga Blessings.

Olga Blessing was born a normal baby but about two years ago, she mysteriously got ill. While in nursery school, Olga claimed to be having stomach pain and her belly grew and turned to this!

Olga Blessing & Mom

The people around her started saying that she was pregnant. Her mother tried taking her to the hospital but she could not afford it. Afrimax visited them, and according to her mother who's name is Elastin, their life totally changed when the story got told to the world.

Many people who watched Olga's story donated so that Olga could be taken to get the treatment she deserved.

However, treatment in their country was not possible at all and the only option they had was to go abroad and try advanced surgery.

They traveled to Italy and the doctors operated on her and she was completely fine after undergoing a number of heart surgeries. The large swollen belly was now gone and everything was okay.

Her family including Afrimax was now waiting for Olga to come back home happy because it's what we all hoped for.

Unfortunately, as they were preparing to come back home, she mysteriously got weak and later fainted. The good news is that they were still in the hospital and the doctors carried her to find out what was the problem this time. The heart and the belly was completely normal. However, they checked her head and found that she had started bleeding inside her head and they inserted a tube to drain out this blood.

This worked for sometime but the blood was too much and it later got to her brain. On the 30th of September, 2021 Olga passed on. Her siblings were so sad to see her gone to soon.

For many, this was not the ending they had hoped for not even for her family. Rest in peace Olga Blessing.

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