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Angel Onyi Unigwe Biography, Age, Career, Wiki, Networth

Angel Onyi Unigwe 

Angel Onyi Unigwe Biography: 

Angel Onyi Unigwe is a fast rinsing multi-talented Nigerian kid Nollywood actress, entertainer, brand influencer and a TV personality, she was born on 27th June, 2009. she's currently 11 years old. She hails from Imo State, and was born in owerri capital of Imo State. She became known after she started appearing on TV screen.

Angel, was born into a family who cherish and value entertainment, their household is full of talented individuals, For example her elder sister Princess Chizzi, is also an actress, a model and a TV personality while her look alike colleague, Buchi is also an actor in the Nollywood industry.

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Angel, currently lives in Lekki Phase 1 in Lagos, with her family, She had completed her primary school education and she’s currently pursuing her secondary education in Lagos State Nigeria.

Angel Unigwe photo

Angel Onyi Unigwe Career:

As a child who was born and bred in a movie/entertainment oriented home, Angel went into the entertainment industry while she was barely six years old in 2015, Her first movie appearance was when she got featured in TV series titled “Alison’s Stand” which was released in 2015.

Angel Onyi Unigwe Net Worth: 

Angel Onyi Unigwe Net Worth 2021,

Angel Onyi Unigwe is currently one of the richest and most influential kids in Nigeria, With an estimated net worth of $60,000 dollars as of 2020.

Angel Onyi Unigwe Movies:

Angel Onyi Unigwe has acted in over 35 Nigerian movies which include ‘Woe man’, ‘Everything in Between’ series, ‘Middle of nowhere,’ ‘Light in the Dark,’ ‘Three Thieves,’ ‘Ajoche,’ ‘King of boys,’ ‘Code Wilo,’ ‘Mute,’ ‘Bereaved: Pains of Aliyah,’ ‘My Siblings and I,’ ‘Zuriel's Diary,’ ‘City Crimes,’ ‘Bobo A Rats Tale,’ ‘Nigerian trade,’ ‘Ten years Married: Mirage,’ ‘Freedah,’ among others.

Angel Onyi Unigwe Husband/Boyfriend: 

Who is Angel Onyi Unigwe boyfriend? Angel Onyi Unigwe doesn't have a boyfriend yet because she is still at a very young age. Her focus is on her education and acting career and she doesn't need a distraction at this stage.

Angel Onyi Unigwe Height: 

How tall is Angel Onyi Unigwe? 

Angel Onyi Unigwe is still growing tall as she is still in her early stage.

Angel Onyi Unigwe House, Cars: 

Angel Onyi Uningwe car: Angel Onyi Uningwe lives with her parents and rides in her parents cars.

Angel Onyi Unigwe

Phone Number:

Angel Unigwe WhatsApp number:

You can contact her via her Instagram page and Facebook

Instagram: Angel Onyi Unigwe Instagram Handle:

Angel Onyi Unigwe Instagram handle is angel.unigwe 

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