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All you should know about the Gothia Cup Tournament

The Gothia Cup is an international youth soccer tournament that since its beginning in 1975 has grown to over 1,700 teams representing more than 70 countries. 

It's the teams and participants from around the world that make the tournament very unique.

A meeting place for the world's youth, irrespective of religion, skin color or nationality, with football as the common denominator.

Gothia Cup was launched in 1975. 

Over one million players through the years, over a million players from a total of 149 countries have participated in the Gothia Cup tournament.

When it earlier began, nobody could have believed a small youth tournament would become popular and successful as it is.

The opening ceremony at Ullevi Stadium attracts 50,000 spectators and international soccer participants, while 1,100 volunteers guarantee that this will remain the international soccer tournament of all international soccer tournaments! First-class international soccer competition on first-class soccer fields is only part of this great festive week. Located on Sweden's beautiful west coast, Gothenburg offers all the excitement of a major seaport city, as well as fine beaches, water sports, boat trips, shopping and dining, making it a great travel destination for youth soccer teams.

Age For Gothia Cup

Boys 2004 through 2008 11v11

Boys 2009 9v9

Boys 2010 and 2011 7v7

Girls 2004 through 2008 11v11

Girls 2009 9v9

Girls 2010 and 2011 7v7

Gothia Cup Sport Facilities

The entire city of Gothenburg offers both grass and turf fields at approximately 30 soccer complexes.

Heden is the heart of Gothia Cup. Here you will find the Central Information building, the tournament's headquarters during the week.

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