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4 types of women men should never get married to

Hello Mynaijagisters, welcome to today's topic, Today we will be talking about the 4 types of women men should never get married to,  no matter how much the love is.


We all know that women are everywhere and they all plan to find a man, just like humans we have good and bad ones.

When it comes to matters of the heart, one has to be more cautious so that you don’t end up regretting your actions. Not all ladies are after true love, some have their goals and you might end up being a victim.

As we all know that marriage is considered as a for better or worse kind of life vow, every relationship is anticipated to last till death separates the couple.

However, finding the perfect woman for a relationship can be quite tricky; men usually avoid believing their instincts and so, unfortunately, end up being in a relationship with the wrong person.

Getting the wrong woman can give you some serious problems in your life, and so, it’s only essential that you avoid those who aren’t suitable for you.

Therefore, I will be giving you lists of the kind of woman you should never date or marry inorder to achieve a successful marriage.

4 Type Of Women Men Should Never Marry

1. Never Date Or Marry A Lady Who Control You

These kinds of women are powerful and want to show you that she’s the supreme being.

From selecting a place to eat and movies to choosing who you should hang out with, she takes a call. Occasionally she can oppress you to make a hard decision against your family and friends.

2. The One Who Always Feel Jealous

No woman surely wants to share his man, but it could be more complicated when she is cautious about everything.

Not only that being too jealous is a terrible experience, but being too jealous or overtly suspicious will make a woman misinterpret what is happening and may take what is a normal event and change it into what she thinks. That behaviour can destroy your relationship. 

3. Never Date Or Marry A Lady Who Disrespect You

The number one ingredient to make any marriage successful is mutual respect. Marry a disrespectful woman and then you will live to be unhappy forever.

The bible says in Proverbs 21 verse 9 "It is better to live in a corner of the housetop than in a house shared by an unruly wife".

So when your future wife is not respecting your opinions or “second-guessing you“, it is clear evidence that some neglect is thrown at you. I will advise you to think twice before committing yourself. This is example 4 Type Of Women Men Should Never Marry.

4. Never Date Or Marry A Lady Who Love material Things

Well, there is nothing wrong with liking materialistic things. However, if a girl is with you only because you shower her with gifts, then maybe it is time you think about where you want to take this relationship to.

If your girl constantly talks about getting her gifts, shopping for her, taking her out to fancy dinners and is never available when you need her emotionally, then this is the type of woman you shouldn't marry. 

If you want to enjoy your marriage, then be careful when selecting your partner. Just keep searching and you will find your heart desires.

What do you think of this article? Kindly share your opinions if you find them helpful, also share where you are not satisfied.

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