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How to make a girl to be happy


-Always show her respect'

-Always ask her about her meal.

-Ask her how was her day.

-Tease her in a cute way.

-Cheer her up in everything she do.

-Always talk to her

-Make time for her

-Tell her she's pretty

-Make her feel worthy

-Talk to her about your life.

-Send her your selfies (wacky and epic pictures)

-Always make her laugh

-Protect her in public and correct her in private

-Understand her shitty childish attitude

-When she's mad, be clingy.

-Kiss her forehead

-Hold her hand surprisingly

-Pinch her nose

-squeeze her cheeks

-Tie her hair even you don't know how.

-Hug her always.

-Tie her shoe lace

-Respect her.

-swallow your pride

-don't control her

-Always listen to her

-Tell her she's when she really is, but in private

-Never talk to her with a high voice

-Don't call her by her name when you're angry.

-Call her with a cute endearments like LOVE, BABY, MY SWEET HEART, MY ONLY ONE, MI AMORE, MY GIRL, MY CUTE LITTLE BRAT, MY HONEY, CUPCAKE. it may sound cheesy and corny but she really really love that shit

-Make a cute little fight with her, like teasing her, and other little fight but not a serious one.

-Be a jealous boyfriend but know your limitations. Girls sometimes find it cute when their partners are jealous.

-Buy her a lot of foods, Invite her in a romantic place and bonding with her.

And the most important thing is.

-Be faithful

-Be loyal

-Never hide a secret to her.

-Make her feel loved, wanted and happy

-don't compare her to others

-Never hurt your girl.

Simple things can already melt a girl's simple heart.🥀🍂

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