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How to get your website approved by Google Adsense


Hi guys, i want to reveal things i think i know about google adsense. 

Have you been wondering why Google AdSense keep declining your application, or you have been searching for a way on how to get a website approved by Google AdSense, or you probably you've watched series of videos on what can I do for Google AdSense to approve my website,then you're at the right place.

Now, i was hovering around google 3 months ago when i saw a comment from a google representative about google adsense aproval on new sites in 2021. 

These are what i grabbed from the post.

What can I do for Google AdSense to approve my blog/website?

Google is now super strict on site approvals

You still don't need traffics to get approved, however you need traffic to earn.

Niche does not matter anymore unlike in the past where finance, health, tech, relationship, etc can get you approved faster.

Article spinning does not work anymore as google bots are becoming smarter.

There's no expert in google adsense approval, it is just try your luck thingy.

Google requires you write what has not been written before on google, so rephrasing another persons post may not work.

Download sites, music sites and news sites won't be approved because majority of their contents are copied with copyright issues.

Ha! does it mean that my site won't be approved?


What is the way forward?

How to get my website approved by Google AdSense

Aside getting your websites structure ready with important pages such as about us, contact us, sitemaps and privacy policy(you can automatically generate this online), There's this approval trick that has been working since time unknown... this tricks works 80% of the time...

Story Blog... you can write an imaginative story of 600 words per post. write 10 to 15 and share to your groups to gain social share and audience. Why? stories you write are from your head and not copied, neither is the title found anywhere. (Don't copy people's story oo).

If you can't write stories, then write on biographies.

Write on some semi celebrities biography.

What do I mean by semi celebrities?

Those celebrities that are not really verh much popular that people don't really search about them on Google.

Create 2-5 quality biography posts about them.

Micro-niche blogging is the fastest and the best. A single blog posts of 3k words can get you approved. Getting a micro niche to blog about can be hard, although it is not an issue for me.. Now create a micro niche blog that few people are blogging about, write about 4 articles of 1.5k words each, submit your websites to google search console, etc then apply.

Trash all your old posts copied posts (don't delete). write 10 unique informational (e.g how to impregnate a fly, how to use toilet tissue papers to bake cake, how to sleep for 3days without dreaming, etc, articles in your niche of 600 to 1k words each within two weeks and apply.

How to get my website approved by Google AdSense

Learn the simple trick to get unique articles of longer length with 97% plagiarism free score.

Final thoughts...

These things i have written above is not magic. Don't fall victim to fraudsters. All you need is patience, hardwork and a legit mentor (free or paid).

Google AdSense approval trick

Be mindful of those that will always tell you they can get your website approved by Google Adsense just for you to pay them money.

Don't be afraid to pay to learn... i personally bought two course 30$ from udemy yesterday so that i can relearn what i thought i knew.

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