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How can I help my man last longer in bed

We all know that alot of men reach orgasms too quick than many women. That, didn't stop the fact that premature ejaculation is the most common sexual disorder in men under 40, means you may frequently find yourself unsatisfied once he's finished.

It's very annoying and frustrating to realize his fun and energy is over while yours is just starting.

Well you could get him to finish the job by some other means, another solution is to help him last longer in bed. Here are five methods to try.

How can I help my man last longer in bed?

1. Take it slowly

Just like Flavour said in his song lyrics "Take it slow, calling me Bebe" he meant that during sex, she should be taking it slowly and calling him romantic names.

To make your man to last longer, let him start slow, Tell him to aim for one thrust every few seconds, then gradually (like, every two minutes) take it up a notch, to the point where there's a thrust every second or so. If he feels like he's going to come, he should stop thrusting and wait a few seconds until he can control himself and start up again.

Or once he feel he wants to cum, he should breath in and hold his breath, till the cum returned back to base.

2. Engage in more of fore play.

A round of foreplay before sex work wonders,not onlyc an you orgasm, which might make you more likely to come again during sex, but getting him to ejaculate before the main event should delay the finish line. For many guys, it takes a certain amount of time to "recharge," which means you should have plenty of time to be satisfied.

3. Use Condoms

Ask a guy who doesn't like wearing condoms why he hates wearing it, and he's bound to tell you, "He doesn't enjoy sex while putting on a condom, he prefers raws." Sex with a condom definitely feels different, and you can take advantage of this to get your man to last longer. The sensations on his penis will be slightly weaker with a condom on, which means it will reduce the pleasure that will translate to longer sex sessions.

4. Go missionary

If your guy has a go-to move that always gets him off, switch it up. missionary or girl-on-top, which can help many men delay their cum (Skip doggy-style.)

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