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Comedian Bovi puts his last son up for sale on Instagram

The top Nigerian comedian and actor, Bovi, has made his last son 'sale' for the third time this year, after the lad broke his TV.

The comedian shared a video of him interrogating his crying son after he broke the TV and wrote;

”For sale! He’s broken the third TV in a year”.

Watch the funny video of the actor interrogating his son;

Bovi puts his last son up for ‘sale’ after he broke their TV set for the third time this year

Not so long back then, Elena's reaction to viral scholarship was a reminder of his 7-year-old daughter. 

In the viral challenge, children make the video with their parents or guardians to ask for funds worth thousands of dollars for a scholarship. The pranker mentioned, when filming, that his parent was once involved in an unlawful activity to react in real time.

The dad of two decided to change things and played the prank on Elena, his little girl. He persuaded her that a lucky child could take her for six months to Disneyland and had to present convincingly why she qualified to go.

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