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Burna Boy storms Old Trafford with his mom to support Man Utd

Grammy award winner Burna Boy watched as Manchester United demolished Newcastle United at Old Trafford this weekend.
Manchester United sailed a 4-1 win over Newcastle United in the first game of Cristiano Ronaldo since joining them last month. The five-time winner from the Ballon d'Or was twice as well as Fernandes and Lingard. Nigerian songwriter Burna Boy and his mother were a special guest at Old Trafford to support Pogba.
The Nigerian singer and songwriter went wild as Cristiano Ronaldo announced his return with two superb goals. 
Watch the video below;
With the additional minutes of the opening half, Ronaldo opened the scoring to his hosts and finished the brace 2 minutes later.
One goal for the men of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was finished by Bruno Fernandes and Jesse Lingard in the 80th and 92nd minutes.
Burna also supported his close friend Paul Pogba on the ground, who, in turn, helped his side to finish the last two objectives in the final part of the game. In only four Premier League matches the Frenchman has now received seven assists, and he will hope to achieve more as the season continues to unforeseen events.
The 30-year-old stormed Old Trafford in the company of his mother in a Louis Vuitton top before changing to United's home jersey with his name and number 23 behind it.

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