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BBNaija 2021: Angel and Boma in nasty fight over kiss & tell allegations

The BBNaija housemate Boma and Angel got to nearly blows each other and had to be separated by other housemates.
Things quickly heated up with the companions about an argument about who had details about their executive lounge from a few weeks ago. Angel had suggested that Boma was a kiss.
Recall Boma and Angel spoke exclusively about their sexual preference in the Executive Lounge. She shared a kiss. They agreed not to share their moment details with other companions.
One of the pair seems to have spoken and caused some tension between them, which rapidly increased to call and wigs fly. Boma fired underneath the belt shots in the exchange targeting Angel's mental health and her family.
The Boma versus Angel confrontation occurs in the middle of Boma trend to get intimate with Tega. Before he joined Tega the 34-year-old slept in the executive lounge in Angel's bed for a few days.

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