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How to last long in bed without using drugs


If you have been battling with pre- mature ejaculation i.e releasing in 2-3 minutes during sex, then read this till the end.

I know how painful and discouraging it is when you can't satisfy your partner during sex. 

Infact alot of men has lost and still loosing their partners to someone else or a close friend of them just because they can't make her reach orgasms.

Records have it that 65% of relationship/marriage has been broken due to lack of satisfying sex.

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I know of some female who confided in me and told me that they prefer to masturbate when ever they are with their partner's than having sex with him, because masturbating satisfy them more than 2 minutes sex.

If you're a man and a lady has never thank you for the kind of sex you gave to her, or you haven't made her cum during sex, just know that you're a failure to manhood 😜

How long should normal sex last?

Normal sex should last at least 15-20 minutes, when I say normal sex, I mean sex itself aside from fore play(Kissing, Romance, Sucking 😋)

Did you know that ladies sometimes talk about sex with their friends?

And during this conversation, they don't fail to praise men who are very good in bed.

She will be like, "Omoh this guy Sabi fuck oh," They guy carry fire for waist". 😂

Some will be like, "Babe, you need to see how the guy was hitting my pussy like carpenter". 😂😂

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I couldn't count how many ladies I knack back then in school, because any girl I knack, will one way or the other talk about how good I am, and her friends will want to taste and experience too.

Infact enough of the gist, let's get back to why you're here.

How to last long during sex without drugs.

1. Avoid Soda drinks (Coke, Fanta, etc).

2. Avoid sugar as much as you can.

3. Exercise regularly.

4. Avoid masturbation.

5. Eat more bananas.

If any of those is difficult for you to do, then here's another natural remedy.

Get Bitter cola, Garlic and Ginger.


Bitter Kola



1. Get 5-10 pieces of bitter cola, 2-3 pieces of Ginger and little quantity of Ginger and wash.

2. Grind/blend them together.

3. Add little of water into it at least 1 litter.

4. Leave it till next morning.

5. Take 5 table spoon  of the mixture morning and night.

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You can still repeat same thing on another 1 litter mixture for total cleansing.

NOTE: Please stay away from sex while on this, till after you're done taking it.

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