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How my husband has been shooting his shot for twelve years.


  A Bride has recounted how she met with her husband 12 years ago, of which he has been trying to get her attention  but could only get that after twelve years. 

 In her words she says, 

"It all started 12 years ago. He met me when he came to visit his cousin at my university. He tried to talk to me but I didn’t give him an audience because he was a stranger and I was not about to be late for class because of “man”.

Funny thing yeah? He waited for me till I finished lectures outside my faculty. (Bros you no get work? 😂) I finished classes and there he was again.

As I approached the main road away from my faculty, I ran into a friend who was a mutual friend of his. He used my friend to ask for my contact and I refused to give it to him but gave him my Blackberry pin at the time. So, we got talking…

In 2009 when we were together, we had so many big dreams and aspirations but never imagined being together as a couple. After almost a year of friendship, he got admission into the university and lost his phone on his way.

When all avenues to communicate with him failed, I gave up and met someone else… He didn’t. After what seemed like silence, in 2011 I started getting messages from him.

However, I always ignored them because I was in and out of relationships and was mad that he never tried to look for me when we lost contact.

The dude was relentless… He messaged me steadily for 8 years through Facebook but I wouldn’t respond because I wasn’t present on Facebook anymore but my Instagram account was linked with it so you would think I was online even though I was only posting pictures via Instagram.

By 2015, I left the country to study abroad. In 2019, just before the pandemic hit, he wished me Merry Christmas on Facebook. I think from his words, this was him finally giving up, and sending me a final message.

As God would have it I finally responded in April 2020. Few weeks after my birthday, I was reading old birthday wishes out of boredom… Then I found his gazillion messages backdating to 2012.

I laughed so hard at how much this young man had suffered to get through to me and remembered the early days. I felt bad about my behaviour so I reached out and then we got to talking again. He was elated!

The communication grew so fast before we got each other’s contact details and we started talking daily till December where he visited my family for Christmas.

He then took permission from my parents first before he proposed to me…It feels like magic considering all the on and off with communication.

The relationship has been built on prayer and Gods direction. I am grateful that he is my answered prayer, I am his dream come true.

I knew what I wanted when I prayed and God preserved it for me till he saw I was ready for him. It’s been the best process so far…

He did, give up on us, he held on to a fighting chance. I’ll do it all over again. Thats why I want the world to See Why I Love You😍❤️❤️"

  Isn't Love beautiful! 

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